Translation of personal documents, resumes, letters, documents for legalization of citizens, moving abroad, registration of visas, permissions, moving abroad for a permanent residence, for study etc., namely:

  • Birth/marriage/ death certificates
  • certificates of conviction, family status, from the place of residence, from school, from educational institutions, place of employment etc.
  • driving license
  • medical references
  • diplomas, certificates
  • parental authorization for child’s moving abroad
  • instructions, letters of attorney and many more.

Translation of company documents:

  • various contracts, deals, articles, statutes, constituent articles, instructions, licenses, permissions, balances and other legal and financial documents.
  • current letters and etc.

Translation of papers for taxation/ exemption from tax

  • accounts-bills, invoices
  • certificates of origin, certificates of quality, etc
  • veterinary, radiological, health-epidemic certificates
  • testing-reports
  • conclusion of the experts etc.

Technical translation:

  • operation manuals, directions on mounting and maintenance
  • certificates, permissions
  • in the field of machinery/ instrument making, power engineering, water/ natural gas supply, building, electrotechnology, telecommunications, food industry, agriculture, light industry, metallurgy, coal industry, woodworking etc.


  • Translation of court documentation
  • Translation of medical documents
  • Translation of advertising prospects, leaflets, and informative booklets
  • Translation of banking, insurance documents
  • Translation of fiction books
  • Translation of scientific literature, manuals, reference books
  • Translation of web-pages, localization
  • Translation of software, IT-technologies