We are glad to greet our clients and business partners on the web-page of the Foreign Languages Agency “InterPereklad”!

Taking into consideration deepening of the world integration and extension of the European Union boarders, and new collaboration possibilities with the CIS countries as well as with the whole world in general, and extension of existing business relations with foreign partners, there emerges quite substantial necessity to overcome the language barrier and thus need in translation services.

Foreign Languages Agency “InterPereklad” offers customers all kinds of services in the sphere of translations. Our skilled translators, who constantly improve their professional level in everyday usage of their knowledge while making translations and interpretations on various subjects, will fulfill Your orders in professional manner.

We consider all requests and wishes of our customers in order to optimizes fulfillment of orders entrusted by them.

Our agency combines knowledge of the languages and experience of our translators, gained in the process of professional activity, new computer technologies and modern methods of business management, which are aimed at the most optimal satisfaction of our clients’ requests and high-quality rendering of translational services.


                With best regards, “InterPereklad”