Foreign Languages Agency “InterPereklad” is a company acting in the sphere of translations.

The Agency is located in “the capital” of Western Ukraine close to the boarders of Poland, Hungary, Romania and other countries. Neighbourhood with European countries as well as revival of investment activity in our region are the key factor which exert positive influence on development of the translational industry, which in its turn, gives our translators wide opportunities to improve their professional level.

Our agency will help to solve problems connected with translations of documents on various subjects from foreign languages into Ukrainian/ Russian and vice versa.

High professionalism of our staff, wide range of services, effective implementation of orders, quality and suitable services are the main features that mark our agency on the market of translation services.

The Aim of our agency is to relieve our clients from all kinds of troubles connected with any kind of translation. At the same time we consider the specific character of our clients’ activity, fulfill every special request, provide each client with an individual approach, and, what is the most important, - we fulfill orders professionally, in short terms and at sound prices.